Pescapuerta launches Vigo technology against anisakis

22 de April de 2024

The fishing company equips its boats with machinery designed and manufactured by local companies Marexi and Industrias Ferri to eliminate parasites from the fish’s viscera.

The Vigo fishing Pescapuerta equip your fleet of boats to eliminate parasites from fish In its next campaign in Malvinas waters, the company will debut the Tedepad machine, a piece of equipment designed and manufactured by two local companies – Marexi, from Vigo, and Industrias Ferri, from Gondomar – to address the presence of anisakis in fishing beds.

The machinery has already been incorporated into the “Petrel” vessel and will also be adjusted to the “Kestrel” that captures squid, squid, Patagonian shrimp and hake, among other species, which makes the group a benchmark in innovation and responsible fishing.

The equipment was developed and patented by the Vigo technology company Marexi and the industrialization was carried out by the manufacturer Ferri, with facilities in Gondomar. Tedepad is the first system specially designed to treat the viscera generated when processing fish on board fishing vessels, with the aim of completely exterminating its parasites, especially the anisakids, ensuring that said viscera can be returned to the sea without negatively affecting the fish. marine ecosystems.

The implementation of the machinery on board the ships complies with the recommendations of the scientific committee of the European Food Safety Authority and the FAO Alumantarius Codex of the World Health Organization. It operates automatically without the need for additional labor.

Pescapuerta is committed to incorporating this technological equipment into its entire fleet, which next year will add a new freezer vessel that is being built by the Marín Nodosa shipyard, the “Prion”. The fishing group, based in Vigo, employs more than 500 workers, including land and sea personnel.


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