Pescapuerta ships the Marexi machine to eliminate anisakis on board

22 de April de 2024

The Vigo shipowner Grupo Pescapuerta faces the anisakis. The firm embarks on its Petrel ship Tedepad machine, a system developed and patented by the Vigo technology company Marexi and industrialized by Industrias Ferri.

“This collaboration between the Galician firms has allowed the necessary industrialization of highly technological equipment to be able to be equipped and maintained, with total guarantee and safety, on fishing vessels that fish in any fishing ground in the world,” the three firms explain in a statement.

Tedepad is a system created to eliminate the larvae of zoonotic parasites found in the viscera of fish on board the fishing vessel before being returned to the sea. In this way, the biological risk of throwing offal with parasites is avoided and its nutritional value is maintained before throwing it into the water.


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